10 Confessions of a Bible Prophecy Writer

Confessions of a Bible Prophecy writer

As a Bible Prophecy writer I have 10 confessions to make concerning my thoughts and reactions to prophetic events and end of the world weather and organizations. Here are my confessions:

Confession No. 1-While I expose the EU because it is going to be the launching pad for the Antichrist, I believe that many of the decisions it is making for it to evolve into a superpower are quite smart and the direction I would want to take it if I were leading it. Let’s face it, what nation does not want to be a strong world power.

Confession No. 2-I see potential persons who fit the bill for the Antichrist, but I will never make those names public. It’s part of the job of being a Bible prophecy writer to see these things, but I do not feel it is my job to drop names because the Antichrist will be revealed in his time. Prophecy writers err when they name names. Having said that I will tell you there are some good candidates. US President Obama is not one of them, sorry to disappoint some of you.

Confession No. 3-As events unfold I feel like I am cheering an intense action packed sporting event.

Confession No. 4-When people tell me that we can change our world into a better place and keep the Tribulation from happening I go into a mini shock and want to scream “no one is changing their ways, look at the news headlines.”

Confession No. 5-There are times when I have physically and emotionally felt the horror of what I write about. I have felt what the world will feel like during the Tribulation. It was both eerie and horrific. I believe God gave me the experience so that I would fully understand what is coming.

Confession No. 6-When people hint at how much better they are as Christians than me because they do not give much time to Bible Prophecy and how they focus on Jesus and the here and now and will not think on the Antichrist I want to slap them with Luke 12:37 “Blessed are those whom the Master when he comes, will find watching…”

Confession No. 7-I have been tempted to send my Antichrist candidates an email and I thought about what I would say. I actually sent one Antichrist potential an invitation to Klout because I saw that his Klout rating was lower than mine, but I know that will not be the case in the future.

Confession No. 8-I feel like I am smarter than the CIA and chuckle because I know what they would like to know about what is really going to be the threat to US security.

Confession No. 9– I can make predictions because I understand Bible Prophecy so clearly and it is not a special gift or rocket science to do so when you know what is coming next.

Confession No. 10-Bible prophecy is powerful and has the power to change people’s lives, the first person’s life that I knew it changed was mine. Bible Prophecy led to my conversation to faith in Jesus Christ. It also helps me maintain a close daily walk because with each unfolding event, I know that what the Bibles says is real and there is not much time left until the Lord’s return.

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