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5-The Mark of the Beast- more than just a payment device

The Mark of the Beast- more than just a payment device
Evangelical Christians knew that the Mark of the Beast would be a high tech method of buying and selling and it became big news when there came talk of a cash less society and credit and debit cards became the norm.  
In around the year 2000, emerged from the tech world  identification implants, called sub-dermal implants,(Verichip,  RFID chip) which marketed to pet owners to identify their lost pets and is also used for medical purposes and to track criminals.   It was literally right out of the book of Revelation and the Evangelical Christian community spread the news like a wild fire.
The Mark of the Beast causes one to spend their eternity in hell.  God is not going to send anyone to hell over a payment system, even one that requires a subdermal chip.

In Revelation we are told in several passages that anyone who takes the Mark of the Beast will go to hell.  This mark is more than a payment system to cause one to lose their chance at heaven and damn them to hell.

The Antichrist’s kingdom is a counterfeit to the kingdom of God. We see many parallels in Scripture of the Antichrist to Jesus. God marks those who are His and the Antichrist also will mark those who belong to him.
The device the Scripture forecasts is more than just a payment device. How do we get God’s mark, by trusting in Jesus as our Savior, by making Him first in our life by worshiping Him as savior.   The Holy Spirit connects us with God.  The Mark of the Beast will be the technological counterpart.
There are six verses about the mark and in them we read that those who take the mark also worship the image of the beast.  This worship and the taking of the mark go together.
You cannot buy or sell if you do not have the mark and so we know that the Mark of the Beast will also act as a payment device, but a payment device should not cause one to go to hell should it?   This is because it is more than just a payment device.  There is good reason why the Mark of the Beast causes eternal damnation and this also helps in decoding the Mark of the Beast and finding the technology that fits it.

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