The Roman Empire Never Disappeared

istorian Count Christian d’Andlau Hombourg stated “I am convinced that the Roman Empire never disappeared but was conveniently continued in the Roman Catholic church.” For those who follow my social networks  you know that I recently got back from Paris and Strasbourg. Count Christian d’ Andlau Hombourg read four of my books and invited me … Read more

Lion of Bashan Reveals Details of the Antichrist

The Bible describes the Antichrist by over 30 titles. The lion of Bashan, which identifies with the Tribe of Dan reigns as the most significant title and also reveals some shocking details about the Antichrist.  Surprisingly the theologian who listed the 30 missed this most important title among the many he listed. Bible’s First Prophecy … Read more

Satan’s Throne and the Beast of Revelation

Satan’s throne is mentioned only one time in the Bible In Revelation 2:12-17 Jesus references Satan’s throne. It is the only time the Bible mentions Lucifer’s throne and here we discover that he has a throne on the earth. In the book of Revelation we see the contrast of God’s heavily throne vs. Satan’s earthly … Read more