China, Russia, US, EU, Israel- Paving Path to Ezekiel 38-39

The 22nd meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Eurasian political economic and security institution headquartered in Beijing took place in September. Its members include China, Russia, India, Five Stan nations, which also includes Pakistan and at this summit, Iran and Turkey are seeking membership. Coincidentally all the above nations minus China are in the … Read more

A New Era-As New World Order Rises To Fore

A monsoon in Pakistan killed 1,000 people and one third of the country is under water, Yahoo news reported, “6 rare 1000-year rain events in a month.” Millions in East Africa face starvation due to drought, Europe is on path to set wildfire record this summer. Gravitas reported that 100 tons of dead fish were … Read more

God’s Judgement Coming On US for Its Sanction Policy

The United States is not mentioned within the end time lineup of nations mentioned in the prophetic books. Prophecy watchers know its fall is imminent, and its judgement is coming from God Himself. According to Ezekiel 18: 12-13, oppressing the poor is an abomination to God.  It ranks with all other vile Biblical abominations. In … Read more