Bible Prophecy- Natural Disasters Causing Pestilence & Plagues

Those of us who watch for the signs in Bible Prophecy have noted the increase in severe weather evidencing that we are in the end times.

What we didn’t anticipate is that along with the extreme weather, would come other plagues that would result from the natural disasters and change in climate. I am referring to the rise in health issues that are accompanying the severe weather. For the Bible Prophecy expert, some of these fall under pestilence, which is also predicted to be characteristic in the end times.

 What Bible Prophecy watchers did not anticipate was that the extreme weather predicted by Jesus would cause other predicted plagues so that one goes with the other.
President Obama stated that Climate Change Is Harming America’s Health. He sited allergies lasting longer and the rising cases of insect borne diseases along with increased asthma and heat related deaths. We can add to the list slips and falls on ice that leave one with broken limbs, and accidents caused by potholes and sinkholes. Tornados and large hail can also cause injuries and flooding brings both insect born problems and proliferation of mold growth, which also effects health. While not all of the plagues or pestilence we are seeing are related to extreme weather such as Ebola and superbugs, the one’s that the weather are bringing are creating other health risks.
It was a quiet spring for Tornado Alley according to the National Weather Service. On the end time birth pang chart it would show as a downward  or level line. That all changed with the tornado  that struck Fairdale, Il. National Geographic does not classify Illinois as being part of Tornado Alley, but it is a State that is tornado prone.  One only need to view the Photos of Tornadoes Spotted Across Illinois to see its devastation.
While President Obama didn’t mention health hazards caused by damage from massive tornadoes or the resulting hail, we can add broken bones, physical injuries onto the list.  This does not even include mental health and PTSD caused by living through the trauma of experiencing one of these major tornadoes and having your home destroyed. Tornadoes pose many risks for causing injuries and loss of life. Concerning mental health and PTSD, we have the recent earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Floods and Typhoons that can all cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a myriad of injuries and even death.
Yahoo News reported on the significant damage caused by the Fairdale Tornado.  Meanwhile the North East United States suffered such a severe and cold winter, with snow storms lasting until the end of March that it has wreaked havoc on the roadways.  Major highways such as the New Jersey turnpike are in areas riddled with deep pot holes. I recently drove the New Jersey Turnpike and had to drive around them. The Associated Press reported on these potholes and the damage they were causing back in March which adds to the ill health list injury from traffic accidents.  From the cold I wonder how many suffered frost bite and hypothermia, slipped and fell on the ice, or were in an accident because while they were driving because their vehicle slid on black ice and lost control
ABC news wrote an excellent article that spoke of the four year California drought and how severely it expanded in two years. The drought is so bad there are first time water restrictions. In addition the article also points out the health risks, which include record breaking West Nile virus, which is effecting the bird population as well.
I have just provided a recap for the United States alone concerning the end time weather patterns regarded in the media as climate change. The changes are so significant that it has caught the attention of governments who are trying to convince their citizens that they have the power to do something about the change and revert it back to its less extreme times.  They cannot correct it because Jesus forecast these patterns as signs of the end times. It boggles my mind that men and women would even think that something as powerful and out of our control as the forces of nature can be controlled by mortal men and women.  Since these changes cannot be controlled and will continue at the same rate and will further increase, we can also expect to see an increase in the related health issues and resulting the resulting pestilence.Click For Video Here

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