Bible Prophecy Updates

“Bible Prophecy Updates” highlights New’s  that aligns with the signs of the ends times that Jesus predicted in the Gospels.  Bible Prophecy updates also called Bible Prophecy news confirm the signs of the end times that Jesus predicted. Some point to unfolding predictions in the book of Revelation. In addition to other books of the prophets.

Bible Prophecy news is unfolding at an unprecedented rate.   Never before have we seen in such a short period of time Bible Prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. 

The Most Recent Updates:

Nearly 11,000 lightning strikes spark over 350 California fires, forcing thousands to flee Yahoo News Aug 19, 2020

Siberia records all time temperature high for the Arctic Circle | DW News August 17 2020

Record wave of deadly shootings hits US cities. More police aren’t the answer, activists say Yahoo News from USA Today Aug 15, 2020 Trevor Hughs

Climate Change: Greenland’s ice sheet has melted past the point of no return-France 24 August 15 2020

Iran Turkey Slam Israel UAE deal, others welcome historic step August 14, 2020

Germany sets up European defense agenda with a waning US footprint in mind July 15, 2020 Sebastian Sprenger Yahoo News

106% Rise in anti-Semitic Assaults in New York State in 2019, ADL Reports

Bible Prophecy watchers follow 8 main areas of unfolding Bible Prophecy. These are broken down into eight areas outlined below. These all classify as Bible Prophecy news. The following represent the eight catagories of end time news.

Signs of the Times

  • latest natural disasters
  • strange events in nature
  • wars, conflicts nation rising against
  • social unrest, riots,
  • decline and immorality within churches
  • increases in violence and brutality in all
    its forms including in name of religion
  • increases in social plagues such as addiction,
  • increases in sexual perversion and sexual
    deviant behavior
  • increases in plagues pestilence, disease
  1. Revived Roman Empire Evolving Final
    World Empire

Latest news of the European Union and how it is evolving into a strong world empire.

The European Union is without a doubt the final world empire. It will become the leading empire during the Tribulation and launch the Antichrist. This website is extensive in its EU coverage of this evolution. It covers the EU member nation elections, BREXIT, various EU
crisis’s and decisions made within the EU.

  1. The United States with a view to its decline. How the US  is adding impetus to the EU evolving into the final world empire.
  1. Latest technological stories that lend to the fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast
  2. Israel Peace process news. News relating to Israel and Jerusalem
  3. Third Temple news. Any news that relates to the plans for the Third Temple which is unfolding Bible Prophecy. The Third Temple is a key place where many prophetic events take place during the Tribulation.
  4. Russia and its relations with nations. Stories that fulfill the Ezekiel 38 war predictions.  Jeremiah 6:22 hints of Russia’s relations with the US leading to Armageddon. For this reason, US Russia relations are highlighted.
  5. Papal news that fits with the Whore of Babylon Revelation 17 and 18 theme. Other end time church news.

The news sources are all top tier. They derive mostly out of the European Union. My own articles are included.  Sources include the same consulted by journalists.  Only I report what relates to end time Bible Prophecy in the above listed areas. US news magazines are in the mix but not the predominant ones this website relies on.

Unlike some other Bible Prophecy news sites, Prophecy does not repeat any conspiracy theory rhetoric or its fake news.

Prophecy Talk also does not focus on US right and left wing politics.  The party feud issues dominate in other Bible Prophecy sites. Since the US is not really named in the prophetic writings except possibly in the Jeremiah 6: 22 citation, those issues are irrelevant to end time Bible Prophecy .This site focuses on  the US’s decline, which we know from Bible Prophecy is inevitable. The US in Bible prophecy page on this site is created from that viewpoint. The United States is given a page because of the US’s position among the current empires in our multipolar world.

The updates on this page are monthly.  Each of these months are saved and recapped in my year in review in Bible Prophecy articles.  These are listed below.  You can also tune into each year’s video recap.  See the playlist titled :Bible Prophecy Year in Review.  Each article has the accompanying Video of the Bible Prophecy year in Review. (type into search to retrieve article)

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This page is part of a series of pages of Main Bible Prophecy Topics.

Other subjects fall under these topics. For example under the Beast of Revelation falls World Government. On the Tribulation page you will find the Peace Treaty, which begins the Tribulation.   The Abomination of Desolation begins the Great Tribulation.  It falls under that category.  This is set up so that you can easily navigate the key topics of end time Bible Prophecy.

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