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Free From Captivity: Biblical Secrets To Overcoming Addiction

 Author: Erika Grey  Category: Religion  Publisher: Pedante Press  Published: February 9, 2013  ISBN: 097901994X  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

Free from Captivity provides a Biblical guide to overcome addiction and its teachings help in addiction treatment. While Free From Captivity: a Biblical guide to overcome addiction devotes several chapters to alcohol and drugs, it takes into account all addictions. Ms. Grey herself is free from alcohol 26+ years, and ended tobacco and overcame other addiction throughout her Christian walk. She also dealt with alcohol and drug addiction among her family members. She brings to you her experiences and the Biblical secrets to her success to overcoming addiction. Free From Captivity: Biblical Secrets To Overcome Addiction enlists humor as Erika describes the addict’s make-up and how they differ from a non-addict. From here she delves into drugs and their use around the world. She teaches how each works in the body and explains that the high is not a high at all, but rather the rearrangement of the brain’s own chemistry. Erika uncovers the Bible’s teachings of “The Prison House” that the addict finds him or herself in. She explains the story of Samson as a picture of the addictive cycle. Erika Grey teaches God’s Word on how to get free from the House of Bondage and stay free. She reveals details from the book of Joshua and Judges on how to obtain victory from the enemies within our person that drive us to our addictions. The purpose is so that each reader can find their Promised Land, a place of joy and peace and fellowship with God. To aid the recovery process, Erika provides an herbal directory to help the addict withdraw and heal from various drugs.

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