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In Their Pain:Great Women of the Bible

 Author: Erika Grey  Category:  Publisher: Pedante Press  Published: March 4, 2021  ISBN: 1940844266  Download  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

If you are a woman suffering from any kind of emotional pain this book is for you. We live in a world that regards pain as a part of life that must be prevented at all costs. The pharmaceutical industry sells pills that attempt to eliminate any kind of suffering you might feel including emotional. The church also has followed this path and teaches that if you are not joyful you are not living your Christian life to the fullest. This book debunks this misconception by examining the lives of the Great women of the Bible. It brings to light the traumas and losses that are most devastating as revealed in Scripture. It makes plain how God recognizes suffering and provides consolation, miracles, and restoration. In addition, you will see “affliction” as part of His greater purpose. Moreover, what you can expect from God if you stay close to Him to help encourage you in your brokenness. Finally, this work provides the key to your deliverance from total despair.

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