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Messiah Vs. False Messiah: Israel’s Covenant With Death

 Author: Erika Grey  Category:  Published: April 17, 2022  ISBN: 1940844444  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

Many Bible Prophecy experts teach that each Israeli Palestinian peace initiative since the Camp David Accords is the treaty that the Bible predicts will begin the Tribulation. Recently the Abraham Accords were cited. This could not be further from the Scriptural teachings on the unholy covenant. No theologian has ever written on the horrific details of the False Messiah’s a.k.a the Antichrist’s Covenant with Death until this book. This work provides the many details provided in Scripture along with the precise agreement that will fit geopolitically. Moreover, the crossover of Jewish teachings on the coming Mashiach and the False Messiah are presented. These furnish the basis for the details in the Accord. This work is shocking, riveting and presents profound fulfillment of predictions written in ancient times and evidence of the beginnings of those soon to be realized.

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