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The Rapture: Biblical Proof Theologians Have Missed
Format: ebook, Paperback, audiobook

The work is without the theology speak that many students get entangled in and rather provides proof of the Rapture by teachings missed by theologians. Such as the three resurrections that make up the first resurrection, which is proven by the contrasting depictions. In addition, this book highlights the differentiation of the Rapture to the Second Coming. Moreover, it provides a lesson in the 1260 days of the books of Revelation and Daniel, which theologians have ignored and proves the Rapture. It examines the martyrs and their living through the Revelation plagues and the consistency of God’s ways that appear to be contradictions further proving the Rapture. This work also provides a glimpse into how the event will most likely occur based on Scripture and the scientific world’s likely speculation as to the mass disappearance.