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The Revived Roman Empire: Europe In Bible Prophecy
Format: ebook, Paperback, audiobook

The Revived Roman Empire: Europe In Bible Prophecy provides a historical overview of the Roman Empire to the present European Union. The European Union is the Revived Roman Empire forecasted by the prophet Daniel and John in the Revelation that would reemerge in the latter days and launch the Antichrist. The Revived Roman Empire: Europe in Bible Prophecy shows the reader the institutions and structures of the European Union that are described in the prophetic books written two to three thousand years ago. It also reveals the Catholic Church’s influence of the evolving European Union and how the evidence proves that it fits the biblical description for the revived Roman Empire. In addition, the reader discovers the relationship between the ancient prophetic writings, the European Union and today's current affairs. Written by author and prophecy expert Erika Grey, Erika focuses on current affairs, the EU and its relation to Bible Prophecy and issues that affect individuals living in these end times. Erika Grey is the leading authority on the EU and Bible Prophecy within the Evangelical Christian community., features Erika’s books, articles and radio broadcasts.