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The Sin of Eli: Codependency and Enabling Through the Biblical Lens

 Author: Erika Grey  Category: Self-Help  Publisher: Pedante Press  Published: April 5, 2021  ISBN: 1940844282  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

Are you an enabler and codependent? If so, this was also the sin of Eli, the priest and judge of Israel. He served in the Temple of Shiloh before Israel’s kingdom years. Through Eli the Bible provides a clear picture of the sin of enabling, codependency, and its consequences. Even more so the Biblical lens reveals the heart of the issue and its solution. Erika Grey provides insights based on the story of Eli intertwined with her own life experiences. This includes the enablers she lived with an encountered and the tragic end of their stories. Moreover, she brings to light that enabling masquerades as love, because it is self-serving to such an extent that the enabler sacrifices the wellbeing of another for their gain. Erika catalogues the enablers hidden issues that lead them to facilitate the bad behavior of their relatives or friends. If you are caught up in these actions this book will provide you insights from the Biblical perspective as well as the path to victory.

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