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World Empire: Bible Prophecy and the European Union II

 Author: Erika Grey  Category:  Publisher: Pedante Press  Published: May 29, 2022  ISBN: 1940844487  Buy Now  Amazon Kindle

This work continues the Seat of the Antichrist by revealing the shocking evolution of the EU empire in key prophetic areas while viewing its terrifying future. Moreover, its rise to power while virtually invisible to the world due to underreporting by the media and Bible Prophecy outlets. As is usual in Erika’s research; no piece is left hanging, from highlighting recent patterns of the signs of the times, to the EU’s crises of opportunity, to its path to the Mark of the Beast to eye widening details of the Whore of Babylon’s connection with the Empire. Whats more, the advancement of the EU army, its relations with Israel and developments in the ten-nation division. This work is a first detail the rise of Africa, the king of the South of Daniel 11, along with events unfolding the three nations plucked prophecy. After updating on the coming fall of the US dollar Erika provides a horrifying glimpse into the new world multipolar order of Empires, which exactly fits the Biblical description. This work stands as a monument to Erika’s scholarly and geopolitical approach to current events and Bible Prophecy, but moreover to the books of Revelation and Daniel’s profound accuracy.

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