Satan’s Throne and the Beast of Revelation

Satan’s throne is mentioned only one time in the Bible In Revelation 2:12-17 Jesus references Satan’s throne. It is the only time the Bible mentions Lucifer’s throne and here we discover that he has a throne on the earth. In the book of Revelation we see the contrast of God’s heavily throne vs. Satan’s earthly … Read more

The Whore of Babylon’s Coming Judgement in Revelation

15 The Whore’s Judgment In the end times, the Great Whore sits upon the Beast-joined to his Kingdom—and later the Antichrist and his federation of kings destroy her.  They carry her off, leaving her naked and burned.  Her presence indicates political influence.  Her destruction by the Beast reveals that she exercises limited power over the … Read more

Bible Prophecy Unfolding- EU EMPIRE of the Revelation

EU Empire, revived roman empire

I keep writing about and talking about the European Union as the final world empire that is spoken of and forecast by Daniel the prophet and John in the book of Revelation And I have written about the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This is where EU officials are going to be meeting … Read more

2-What is the Mark of the Beast?

666,mark of the beast, number of the beast

1 What is the Mark of the Beast? During the Tribulation, which is the seven year period of judgements predicted in Bible Prophecy that ends with the battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ, Satan attempts to establish his kingdom here on the earth through a dictator known in evangelical circles as … Read more

6-Key Mark of the Beast Passage in Bible Prophecy

666,mark of the beast, number of the beast

5 Key Mark of the Beast Passage in Bible Prophecy The key Mark of the Beast passage is Revelation Chapter 13.  All other Bible verses in both the Old and New Testament provide additional information that builds upon this passage.  In this chapter we learn that a Beast rises from the sea and this is … Read more