Is the Antichrist Judas Iscariot?

Some end time watchers believe Judas Iscariot and the Antichrist is the same person. They believe Judas will return as the Antichrist because of the Son of Perdition reference in the Bible. Perdition is a Greek word and it is used eight times in the New Testament.¬†Perdition is a word that is similar to hell … Read more

What Is the Covenant of Death?

In Isaiah 28:18, God refers to the Peace treaty ¬†that begins the tribulation ¬†as a ‚Äúcovenant with death,‚ÄĚ an ‚Äúagreement with hell.‚Ä̬† In Ezekiel chapter 13, God is angry at the prophets and prophetesses who speak from their hearts and tell the Israelites of peace. Verse 16 reads: ‚ÄúThat is, the prophets of Israel who … Read more

When Does The Tribulation Begin?

The Tribulation begins when the Antichrist signs a peace treaty with Israel, guaranteeing its security (Dan. 9:27).¬† Nearly all Bible prophecy centers on Israel, including the prophecies dealing with the Tribulation.¬† ¬†Today the Middle East is a primary focus in international affairs.Bible scholars view the reestablishment of the nation of Israel as the most important … Read more