Russia Torpedo’s US Dollar and Unfolds Bible Prophecy

Decline of the United States, Rise of the EU according to Bible Prophecy  I have written for some years now that we will see the decline of the United States and the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This is because the European Union rise to the position of the leading world … Read more

US Russia Sanctions -Beginning of End of United States

The latest Russia sanctions can be the beginning of the end for the United States, and the US’s decline will come rapidly and much sooner than I have even anticipated, this is concerning news and American citizens need to speak up. This is reckless foreign policy. The idea that they want to sanction Russia again, … Read more

Trump and Putin-The US and Russia in Bible Prophecy

    In the area of Bible Prophecy I favored a Trump presidency because his election provides a clear path to the fulfillment of what we know will occur in end time Bible Prophecy and more specifically will help propel events forward, such as adding impetus to the EU completing the formation of its own … Read more

Putin is PO’d Russia Slighted in World Order

In Bloomberg’s video, “We Cannot Evade the Ukraine Question,” filmed at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin interviewed by Peter Rose, wanted to talk about why there is a conflict in the Ukraine and he stated that one world order existed before the fall of the USSR, and referenced the bipolar system, which had … Read more

Obama Calls Putin Threat To World

According to Reutersat the G-20 Obama stated that Putin is a threat to the world and stated “the United States was at the forefront of “opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world.” I do not know who is to blame for such a stupid comment, Obama or his advisers. Here … Read more