Ten King Prophecy Paves EU’s Path Forward

Emmanuel Macron’s 10 Nation Defense Union It was early morning and upong starting up my laptop I recieved an email from Daniel Mast from the Netherlands informing me of Emmanuel Macron’s proposal of a ten nation defense union. The fact that Macron proposed ten for this Union syncs with the Predictions of the Revived Roman … Read more

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The Revived Roman Empire    THE EU EXTENDS ITS INFLUENCE TO NATIONS OF THE WORLD The common market is having such a colossal effect on  the continent of Europe that all European 20 nations want some form of associate status with the European Union. Even Russia expressed a desire to join. The Union is forming … Read more

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THE THRONES OF EUROPE The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has risen from relative obscurity to become an important and influential aspect of the European Union. Together with the General Court (previously known as the Court of First Instance), the ECJ is responsible for ensuring uniform interpretation of EU treaties. Despite its relative unobtrusiveness compared … Read more

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The Revived Roman Empire:  RETURN OF THE EMPIRE  The European Union’s “Parliament” Building in Strasbourg has been deliberately designed to represent the Tower of Babel, as per the famous painting by Peter Brueghel, painted in 1563. The logic behind this symbolism is the European Union is seeking to “build the house of Europe” – a … Read more

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HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE ARCHITECTS The European Union flag is dark blue and has 12 stars in a circle. In a Dutch, Catholic periodical, Middelares en Koningin, April, 1974, we find the headline: “Under the Protection of Mary”. It says among other things: “We Catholics will always, when we see the blue color, perceive it as … Read more