Evangelicals Fight Globalization & Bible Prophecy

Evangelical Christians -Steve Bannon -Globalization Evangelicals are unaware that in some of their actions and views they are fighting against Bible Prophecy’s fulfillment.  That’s right, they endorse opinions,  and political platforms with a heart to keep the prophetic word from happening. Mostly because these Evangelicals regard the predictions with such horror, they wrongly  assume they … Read more

Donald Trump’s Trade War Unfolds Bible Prophecy

On May 31 Donald Trump issued steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU, Canada, and Mexico.  Trump’s actions followed  the findings of Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross’s Steel and Aluminum Reports to the President. These found that the United States ranks as the world’s largest importer of steel. US imports equal nearly four times its … Read more

Donald Trump’s Speech Scorches NATO- Unfolds Bible Prophecy

  Donald Trump’s NATO Speech delivered a strong message of the financial burden that is on America and that has not been shared by the other member nations.  The US is footing the bill. Donald Trump also stressed that NATO must take on a new role to combat terrorism and immigration, which are the new … Read more

Donald Trump’s Pro Isreal Will it Save America?

Donald Trump wants to make moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a big priority. This makes a big statement on his part, which has got Evangelicals thrilled because of our position on Israel and Jerusalem.  Donald Trump is pro-Israel and is going to be more pro-Israel than previous presidents. Many … Read more

Trump and Putin-The US and Russia in Bible Prophecy

    In the area of Bible Prophecy I favored a Trump presidency because his election provides a clear path to the fulfillment of what we know will occur in end time Bible Prophecy and more specifically will help propel events forward, such as adding impetus to the EU completing the formation of its own … Read more