Watch this shocking expose on the negligence of CT DCF as a loaded gun is found next to a baby’s head with no report made. But it gets even worse. Discover the failings of the system and the dangers faced by innocent mothers and children. Moreover how the baby was torn from its mother with no wrong doing on her part. Stay informed and educated on this important issue and its example of undemocratic practices that exist within the United States. #CTDepartmentofChildrenandFamilies #connecticut #ConnecticutDCF #ConnecticutDepartment ofChildrenandFamilies Workers involved #Lisa.McArthur CT DCF #Thea-Mea T Williams DCF Social Worker Elizabeth Torres DCF Social Worker


Host Erika Grey discusses a case involving the Connecticut Department of Children’s and Families (DCF). She explains the events leading to an infant, “Baby Jane”, being taken from her parents after a loaded firearm was found close to her during a hospital visit. Erika critiques the DCF for allegedly failing to inform the State Police about the firearm violation and focusing their investigation on the mother’s mental health, despite previous assurances from her psychiatrist and therapist that she was not a threat. Erika also accuses the DCF of fabricating a statement to separate the baby from her mother. She further criticizes the department for being undemocratic in their decision-making and failing to support the familial unit.

The DCF workers involved are Workers involved are #Lisa.McArthur CT DCF

#Thea-Mea T Williams DCF Social Worker

Elizabeth Torres DCF

Welcome to the twist news I’m Erika Grey legutko ryszard a Polish MEP wrote the book The Demon in democracy totalitarian Temptations in free societies and tonight I’m going to talk about one of


those demons the Connecticut Department of children’s and families and I’ve talked about on this show how the United States has its brand of democracy I would highlight instances in the United States that were


totally undemocratic so tonight I’m going to feature a story that is so horrific and it’s about DCF the department of children’s and families in Connecticut a case that is going on


right now that I am privy to and in this case there it there are so many actions that are undemocratic that you are going to be shocked but the first piece as the


headline says has to do with a firearm so I’m going to first tell you the story and then we’ll go into the particular details on March 16th a baby by the name


of baby Jane which we’ll call Baby Jane was born mom goes to sleep dad is informed that the baby must go in a bassinet while mom is asleep dad takes the baby


and puts the baby on his chest on the couch and falls asleep prior to his falling asleep he had a concealed carry permit he carried a firearm into the hospital that was locked and loaded put


it on the ground with his knife and flashlight and then he proceeded to fall asleep and Baby Jane fell onto the ground when the nurse came in she saw a locked and loaded weapon next


to the baby’s head and the baby on the ground but prior to that Dad had been acting strange during the delivery criticizing his girlfriend for having a


covid shot criticizing the grandmother for taking photos insisting that the baby wasn’t breathing even cracking a joke or a comment about paternity he was acting


peculiar mom falls asleep wakes up to a horrified nurse the baby immediately is taken to ICU and the department of children’s and families is phoned the next day Mom is


informed about the loaded gun which horrified her and DCF is now in the case first and foremost it is illegal to carry a firearm into a hospital


according to the Connecticut statutes statute General statute section 53a 217 a person is guilty of criminal possession of a firearm in a hospital or Health Care Facility when they possess a


when they possess a firearm as defined in section 53 a-3 in a hospital as defined in section 19490 or in a health care facility as defined in section 19a 514 the first


thing is that DCF did not notify the state police which they were supposed to and also no one notified the police but DCF immediately starts an


investigation mom is told that the baby will be going with her and it’s you know she’s either going to go to her mom’s or she’s going to go to the boyfriend’s moms and the next thing that occurs is a


hearing in the hearing particular DCF workers are present and one of them is Theta Maya Williams she is the social worker on the case Lisa MacArthur who


handles foster care and this next DCF worker comes later but Theta who is handling the investigation had a previous job as a youth job Seeker


consultant and now she’s on this case whereas Lisa MacArthur is a seasoned DCF worker she’s been doing this for a long time she now handles the Foster cases


and Torres who comes later will deal with later but so it’s going in One Direction and then the OTC takes place during the OTC a statement was


fabricated to now pull the baby from the mother because you see what happens is this absolute power corrupts absolutely and now Mom is faced with the Gestapo in


her life and you’re going to agree with me as we go forward with the details so a statement is fabricated that Mom stated because now the focus is on dad a statement is fabricated that Mom said


that she wants to go right back with dad with the baby and that’s not what she had stated what she had actually stated is the goal would be to reunite the family completely together dad’s argument was he had made a mistake if


there were some issues they were all willing to deal with those issues but DCF learned that mom had a mental health history now in Mom’s mental health


history her psychiatrist was not concerned at all during her pregnancy neither was her therapist concerned about her pregnancy or her being a mother to this child as a matter


of fact the baby gave Mom a real sense of purpose and she was so looking forward to nursing the baby and the birth of the child and already planning many things for the baby’s future of


things that she wanted to do but DCF immediately looks at history which in criminal cases you’re not supposed to look at previous cases or histories when you’re dealing


with a particular case because what’s important is the here and now but this doesn’t apply with DCF because DCF is an undemocratic institution and that’s what I’m going to be showing as this case


goes on so a statement is fabricated an OTC takes place now in juvenile court the records are sealed records are hidden the records are private


because you have the protection of the juveniles involved but in that procedure rights are violated of the adults involved and nobody’s ever going


to know because the files are sealed so an OTC takes place with an expart hearing now my you the child has is not injured the mother has not done anything


if anything the nurses and doctors commented on her with the baby photos of her with the just smiling and beaming at the birth of this baby and of the birth


of her baby and what happens is they do an OTC which is no different than What’s Done in Iran than What’s Done in Russia and in other authoritarian


countries meaning that a case is decided by a judge without any input from an attorney and without any input from the parents themselves now I understand that


in cases of stalking and abuse there is an expart order for a restraining order but in this case they are removing a mother from her nursing


baby which by the way in international law and un law provision is to be made even in prisons for nursing mothers but when I had questioned Lisa MacArthur


about the fact that this nursing wasn’t being facilitated she just answered DCF protocol and DCF protocol as you speak to lawyers involved and you speak to the


different members of DCF there’s a very strict protocol and the protocol is all authority it’s kind of like the US Constitution only with DCF which is this non-democratic entity within the state


of this particular DCF within the state of Connecticut operates with its own protocol and the protocol totally violates the rights of mothers women and


of this infant baby so next what happens is it’s decided that this would be extended meanwhile supervis visits psychiatric studies at the next hearing


dad passes the psychiatric study there still is no phone call to the state police about the firearm because this man should not be carrying a firearm anybody who has a locked and loaded


firearm on him while he’s handling his newborn infant and puts that on the ground of a maternity delivery Ward does not deserve a firearm and ECF isn’t even


focused on this because now their focus is on the mother now the mother is actually has disability for anxiety PTSD in the state of Connecticut those


with disabilities must be provided for so here DCF is coming in taking this baby away from Mom forcing mom’s milk to dry up which causes mom to go into pain


they are terminating the bonding of mother and child and there’s no provision Made for This mother and her emotional needs despite her having a disability in this area and it gets even


better when I say better I mean it gets worse the lawyers aren’t informing anybody who’s finding out from the other lawyer DCF isn’t informing the


next case that came the mother was already told that DCF was going to not give her the baby the case was already decided so her


being represented by an attorney didn’t matter and the judge I don’t know what his purpose was because the case was already decided it was already told and I heard this before the case took


place and afterwards that’s exactly what happened but now the story changes again and now it’s on that the two are conflicting and the baby is now with Grandma the baby went with the


boyfriend’s mother because the mother’s Mother wasn’t able to because of her work so the boyfriend’s mother was able to take baby Jane and Baby Jane is now with the boyfriend’s mother next is the


next hearing but prior to the next hearing they do not inform mom of the date and now this is when the next worker is now in the case this is


Elizabeth Torres now Elizabeth Torres is being phoned by the other grandmother for visitation the other grandmother has also not seen baby Jane so Baby Jane is


born on March 16th it is April 28th and Grandma the other grandma has not seen the baby and is being ignored by


DCF now DCF says that it is for Children and Families it is for for maintaining Children and Families but all that they have done in this


situation is they have taken a baby from its mother unjustifiably so why because absolute power corrupts absolutely and Mom is now


dealing with Nazi SS that’s what Mom is now dealing with is the gulock mom is not dealing with a just organization it’s not a


humanitarian organization this is an organization that is absolutely too powerful undemocratic and is has done more to


tear families apart than it has for any other purpose now I know that there have been cases through the years on the failings of DCF and it has been known


that DCF has torn families apart comes in in a case like this which by the way DCF can make allegations on hearsay the criteria that exists within


DCF does not exist in a criminal court this is an entirely undemocratic organization run by women that you have to wonder if they’re not drunk with


power by how they deal with the people that come to their attention now mind you baby Laura has not been abused she’s not been abused by Mom and


she was not neglected by Mom but she is now taken away from her mother she is now forced to wean from her mother and that bonding that is so crucial to an infant


is severed and there was no abuse on the part of mom the next piece is mom is trying to still work things out with the father and have the family unit in


intact but if she’s not able to be with the father she can go to her own Mother’s place so there is a place for Mom to go if DCF were to say Dad is not in a position we really don’t want you


with dad with the baby she has a place to go but Elizabeth Torres the same woman who doesn’t answer the grandmother’s calls tells the mother that she is jotting down every


single one of her actions and decisions and that she was going to her her mother’s house and her mother needed to have all the baby stuff there and now she doesn’t have a place she doesn’t earn enough money and they’re going to


keep the baby with the grandmother now mom does have disability mom also has a family that will financially help her so mom has the money to care for the baby


but this is what the DCF worker said and it’s totally erroneous and it’s more of their Nazi style policy undemocratic because frankly as I’ve


paid attention to the story from the beginning it sounds like they wanted to remove this child from day one and they’ve been going on that path and there’re so many pieces to this that


have just been horrific the lawyer not being informed decisions already literally being made before it goes before a judge and that that’s what the judge is going to do and when does that happen in a court of law doesn’t a judge


decide a case not here DCF seems to make these decisions and finally although Baby Jane is still an infant mom is is informed that now DCF does not want to make a change from the grandmother’s


home and provide any instability for the infant and this is again is told by Elizabeth Torres there’s almost no words for this case and the final question


here besides all else that was brought up about mom is is every mother now in the state of Connecticut who has has a mental health history or a history with anxiety or has had post-traumatic stress


disorder does that mean that their baby is going to be removed and the future of this woman does this mean now that she could never have children because they will take the next one too because she


has a history of anxiety and PTSD and they mention during the case that they were worried that she would go into postpartum depression and she has


held up well but they really should have provided given that she has a disability and her disability is anxiety and change they should have facilitated but this is


a cold heartless organization that really doesn’t care about children this isn’t a case about caring about an infant this is a case about tearing a family apart this is a case about


violation of democracy this is a case that’s anti-woman anti- mother and anti family and I wanted to highlight it here oh and the final irony is that dad still has


his pistol permit so a loaded gun was next to an infant’s head and DCF did not report it to the state police or to the police and I was told by someone at DCF


that they didn’t have to that that’s not their role shocking isn’t it and it’s as Mr Ludo says the demon in democracy totalitarian tempations in free societies so there you have it I told


you I would give you an example in the United States of violations of democracy and it’s no greater example than this case that’s going on right now in Connecticut’s department of children’s


and families which actually states that it has the best record for children I’m going to look forward to your comments on this case if you’d like to send a word of encouragement to the mother


of this baby I will pass it on and if you’d like to also donate to her case any donations made will go to her legal case this is horrific and it was a very


very very hard show for me to do and listen to the mother recite to me all of her broken dreams that she had of being a mother because now they would not only take this baby away and have robbed her


here but they would take the next one away and so what will DCF Advocate next sterilization for mothers of disabilities sterilization if anyone has mental


health history which many women do is that what’ll be next sterilization from the department of children’s and families because in a sense that’s where this is well hope you found this


informative this was a very detailed show I want you to stay tuned for more and if you don’t subscribe hit that subscribe button


today and also again appreciate your comments and if you want to send a word of encouragement to Mom she can sure L use it and if you want to blast DCF you’ve got the numbers in this video


give them a call and let them know what you think let Governor Lamont know what you think till next time stay tuned