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April 20-2020-This Friday April 24, will be the next Bible Prophecy Updates. There is a lot I will be discussing. I am going to have a list of Updates to go over. I will just say that during this time the Conspiracy Theorists are busy at work with their cunningly devised fables-thats the Biblical term. I was sent an article by someone that Bill Gates was the Antichrist. Others are still beating “New World Order” to the ground with disinformation. Meanwhile in real news the actions of the FED have been shocking, which I will be relaying on Friday along with a development this week by the European Union Parliament that has me on the edge of my seat. The tectonic shift of the final decline of the US is now in motion, and will probably occur within a year of COVID. Meanwhile all of those looking for the New World Order are going to miss the rise of the Empire that is spoken of in the books of Daniel and the Revelation. When the EU empire rises, we will have no choice but to conform to its rules. It will act as the cornerstone for uniting the world, just as Jesus is the cornerstone of the Church. So be sure to tune in. Finally, I have been working on a series of short books I will discuss if several are complete by then.

April 18, 2020, There is alot happening in Bible Prophecy News. The coronavirus plague which unfolds Matthew 24:7 is going to cause a geopolitical tectonic shift. I reported on the eurobonds on March 22, 2020 and those while not yet formed are moving in the direction and I will be providing an update on my April 24, Youtube show.

Meanwhile, part of the shock is what the Coronavirus has done to world markets. Of concern is the US market. The FEDS literally bought the market and have printed so much money that we are bound to experience inflation soon. I reported on my March 22 show how between the debt and the EU’s introduction of eurobonds, we can see the end of the EU dollar and the EU move into the world’s leading empire slot. This be the unfolding of prophecy. Only those of in the US are going to suffer hard times as a result.

Most shocking is not what is happening in the prophetic realm, but rather in the Evangelical Christian world. In the area of end time prophecy cunningly devised fables and out and out lies reign. Coronavirus has ushered in more. From New World Order nonscene to coronavirus and Bill Gates as part of a mark of the beast conspiracy. The Evangelical audience is looking pretty stupid right now. I am a lone voice speaking out against the conspiracy theories that even many in my own audience adopt. No one is looking at the fig tree of events, rather they are listening to lies and fables, which Paul warned about.

I have come to the conclusion that Evangelicals dont want real Bible Prophecy news, they are looking for the lies. Here you wont get them. You will get real Bible Prophecy news and analysis.

Finally, the coronavirus shut down has allowed me to catch up and get some books completed. I am working on a series of short books, which will be full of teachings and information. Stay tuned you will not want to miss their release.

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