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If you are new to end times  Prophecy, how do you understand the complex teachings of Bible Prophecy?

Where do you begin?¬† You begin here on “Understanding end times¬† Prophecy.”
One third of the Bible’s message is prophetic.¬† There are 66 books of the Bible, 39 in the Old Testament¬† of which consists 5 books in the Pentateuch,12 Historical books,5 Poetic, and 17 Prophetic divided into Major and Minor Prophets. The New Testament has 27 books which include historical books, Pauline Epistles, non pauline epistles and one Prophetic book.¬† All¬† Prophecy has been fulfilled except those pertaining to the earth’s final years i.e end times prophecy.

The chief books for end time Prophecy are the Revelation, the book of Daniel, Jesus’s end time predictions found in the gospels.¬† Prophetic passages lie within the Major and Minor Prophets. Biblical books such as Genesis, the Psalms, Thessalonians and¬† 2 Timothy have various verses that add to the major end times Prophetic books.

During Jesus’s ministry the people who followed Jesus questioned him about the end of time on earth.¬† Jesus predicted the signs that will lead to His second coming. These lead to the start of the earth’s final years.¬† In conclusion the study of end times prophecy is the study of the earth’s final seven years of Tribulation and the decades leading up to the fulfillment of what Jesus predicted for those years.

How Does One Study End times Prophecy?

It is important to understand the books of the Bible before you begin to study end times prophecy and or Bible Prophecy.  Familiarize yourself with the study of the Bible as a whole.  From there become familiar with the various teachings of end times prophecy.  Consult Theologians, a Bible dictionary and a good online concordance.   Be prepared to spend a good deal of time doing your research and study.

Furthermore, if you relate the forecasts to world affairs, you will need to possess more than a basic knowledge of events.  Finally, make sure the websites that you obtain analysis from on world affairs and Bible Prophecy use top of the line sources. Consequently, many errors are taught because of lack of good sources.  Or simply, consult websites like Prophecy Talk, this site is filled with a good deal of information that meets all of the above criteria.

On studying the Bible and world affairs,  knowledge is available as never before. See the article below:

End Times Prophecy Teachings and Topics

Within Bible books and passages  key end times Prophecy teachings and Topics emerge. The links below take you to pages on this site that provide articles relating to each topic. These act like a roadmap of end times Prophecy starting with the signs of the times that Jesus predicted.

Among all who teach end times Prophecy or teach it are common key terms and these are among those listed below. Some are listed as sub catagories.

There are Three Types of End Times Prophecy Terms or Topics

 The two types of end times  Prophecy topics are those that are Biblical and Speculative.  An example of a Biblical topic is the Antichrist,   It should be noted that many of these topics are taken from the Bible while a few were named by Scholars.  Some examples are below.
Biblical Terms
Antichrist–used once in the Bible, taken from one verse
Tribulation-not named so in the Bible, but taken from Jesus’s statement “there will be great tribulation.
Great Tribulation-Jesus’s reference
Abomination of Desolation-taken from the book of Daniel and referenced by Jesus
Whore of Babylon-taken from Revelation 17 and 18 passage
Mark of the Beast- taken from the book of Revelation
Non Biblical Terms for End Times Prophecy Teachings
Tribulation- 7 year period of judgements
Peace Treaty-covenant agreed to by Antichrist on behalf of Israel
Final World Empire-Daniel’s fourth kingdom that ushers in the end
Unholy trinity-for Satan, Antichrist and False prophet
Speculative Terms
New World Order
One World Religion
The Revived Roman Empire
World Government
The above list is not exhaustive but gives a good idea of the three catagories of terms for topics.

 Some End Times Prophecy Topics are Cliches

A word of caution on the topics is that some of these terms have become cliches.¬† For instance teachers will include one world government and one world religion. I do not include one world religion because it is an end time cliche and is a speculation that this site does not agree with. I have written on the Whore of Babylon and I teach it as the world’s religions vs. a one world religion under the direction of the Antichrist.
New world order is another end time cliche.  We are in what is called a multi-polar era, or empire age.

Many differences exist in the study of End Times Prophecy

The greatest area of disagreement in theology is the Rapture. Teachers disagree on the Bible predicting a Rapture. If the Rapture occurs, is it pre tribulation, mid tribulation or post tribulation.  Other areas of disagreement  regard the four beasts in Daniel and the Beast of Revelation.

The main area of differing teachings in end times Prophecy peaks in the speculation of the prophetic forecasts to current world news. In this area arises all kinds of bad teachings.  For this reason I wrote the Directory of Best and Worst Bible Prophecy Teachers. All of the differing speculations on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled lends to confusion and erroneous teachings.

Key End Time Prophecy Topics

I have world government included under the Final world Empire i.e.  the Revived Roman empire.  The final world empire will lead the world.  I teach that  the final world empire is built on one world ideology.  All of these key prophecies are listed on the home page of this site.  Included in this category is my About Me page.  It presents my doctrinal beliefs and my Things To Come Doctrinal Position.

Other main end times prophecy topics include:

The 144,000

The Two Witnesses

The False Prophet

Additional terms are found within the other categorizes. They will also be found here in the Bible Prophecy In Depth Page.

 Signs of the End Times
  • Wars
  • Violence & Brutality& a Loveless society
  • Riots and Commotions
  • Pestilence &Plagues, Illnesses and Insects
  • Natural Disasters
  • Strange Occurrences in Nature
  • Sexual Immorality
  • Lawlessness
  • Increased Sinfulness- In all areas example greed, gluttony, addiction, etc.

The Rapture

The Tribulation and the Great Tribulation

The Tribulation

The Great Tribulation

The Abomination of Desolation The Beast of Revelation: The Final World Empire

Revived Roman Empire

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream Image
Iron Mixed with Clay
World Government


The Third Temple

The Abomination of Desolation

The Mark of the Beast

666-The Number of His Name

The Image of the Beast

The False Prophet

Book of Revelation: Judgements and Plagues

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse
The Identity of the 200 Million Army in Revelation 9
The 10 Days of Revelation and the 10 Days of Daniel
Bowl Judgments
Seven Trumpets
Three Woes
Angel from the bottomless pit Appolyon
Whore of Babylon

Seven to Eight Heads on Beast of Revelation


Megiddo Valley

Valley of Jehoshaphat;
Valley of Decision

Bible Prophecy New’s Pages

 Bible Prophecy Updates features articles and videos in the news that are leading to the fulfillment of end times Bible Prophecy.

Bible Prophecy News unfolds in specific areas of the world see the topics, which are also pages on this site.

  For the companion to the above sites, see their related playlists on Prophecy Talk Channel

 End Times Prophecy-False Teachings

There are many false teachings being taught in end times Prophecy concerning both the teachings themselves and how current events line with the Bible Prophecy’s forecasts.

One of the greatest reasons for the errors is the Bible Prophecy teacher’s analysis of the latest news and current events. They lack journalistic standards and mistakenly rely on news headlines or conspiracy theories.   Conspiracy theories become the easy way out of the spending the hours it takes to effectively research world affairs and consult viable sources.

A good many Bible Prophecy experts who might be good theologians do not understand the world of news or how it is obtained.  Some of these Bible Prophecy teachers even end up twisting Bible Prophecy to conform to the headlines, and do not provide any kind of accurate picture of current affairs and Bible Prophecy.  They also have no knowledge of geopolitics.

Since false teachings are a major problem in the teachings of end times Prophecy and current events,I address the errors in my writings. I have devoted a page to the false teachers. Consequently, this is also why today’s Bible Prophecy experts are not taken seriously by anyone in the know. Most of all for this reason they and are not consulted like the prophets of the Old Testament or Magi of the New Testament.

For more on understanding end times prophecy see my books, along with my free books on various pages on this site. 

This page is part of a series of pages of Main Bible Prophecy Topics.

Other subjects fall under these topics. For example under the Beast of Revelation falls World Government. On the Tribulation page you will find the Peace Treaty, which begins the Tribulation.   The Abomination of Desolation begins the Great Tribulation.  It falls under that category.  This is set up so that you can easily navigate the key topics of end time Bible Prophecy.

Key Bible Prophecy Topics