EU and Bible Prophecy- Political Union Imminent in Wake of Financial Crisis

We know from end time Bible Prophecy that the European Union is going to become the greatest empire in the world that will one day rule the world.  As Bible Prophecy watchers we only need to follow its evolution into the revived Roman empire predicted by Daniel the prophet. 


The financial crisis that the media reported threatened to destroy the EU will do the opposite. See the following article that I wrote for Yahoo News.

EU Political Union Imminent in Wake of Financial Crisis

The European Union adopted the Two Pack, which goes along with the Six Pack, which are rules and regulations that reinforce the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact (SPG). These were created to aid the stability of the euro. Guy Verhofstadt, President of the ALDE Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the EU Parliament in a speech called for an iron cast commitment to political union and continues to advocate for this direction..

Verhofstadt referred to the Council’s agreement on a 100 billion
bailout for Spanish banks as another EU firefighting action. He stated, “we will simply continue firefighting as we do now. One fire after the other. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy. “Verhofstadt explained that the EU must set up a “structural and global solution to the crisis” and build a “real firewall” for the euro. He suggested putting in place the building blocks that are necessary for a systemic answer.

Verhofstadt proposed a banking union – with a deposit guarantee scheme and a single supervisor, which Parliament proposed two years ago and the EU did not adopt. The second element is fiscal union including a redemption fund, which EU leaders decided to institute. Verhofstadt demanded, “we need a political union-including a real economic government.” He added, “All these three elements need to move forward. They need a clear roadmap, a timeline, and more important an iron cast commitment to save the euro.

While Verhofstadt called for these measures, MEP Andrew Duff a Liberal Democrat mirrored Verhofstadt’s goals but offered another set of proposals such as the EU going forward with a core group of members. Liberals within the EU Parliament constitute the majority and the liberals favor political union. German Chancellor Merkel herself who resisted the idea of the EU’s political union is now proposing political unification.

The EU Commission is also on tract for political union. During Barroso’s speech, he called for ” a strong ambition for Europe – an ambition for the structural reforms.” He stated, ” Such a commitment will send a clear signal that the Member States and the EU institutions consider economic and monetary union and the euro as indispensable assets for Europe’s future.” Barroso called for “moving towards a banking union and a fiscal union.”

Barroso also wants to begin discussions “for the joint issuance and mutualisation of national debt in the form of stability bonds. This includes agreement on their pre-conditions, namely much more joint decision-making in all economic and budgetary matters, based on the Green Paper of November 2011. Barroso in line with the liberals stated, “A road-map and a timetable will need to be worked out that also takes into account the need to build the necessary political and democratic momentum.” Barroso added that “more coordination in taxation policy and a much stronger European approach to budgetary matters” will also need to be worked out.

According to Barroso, the Union must ” link the development of the fiscal union with the development of the political union.” With the adoption of the Redemption Fund within the framework of the Two Pack, and leading EU leaders calling for the EU’s political and fiscal union and the issuance of stability bonds as a needed measure to solve the EU’s financial crisis, the EU’s political union is imminent. While EU leaders differ on how the EU will unify, the financial crisis is causing these differences to dissipate. Mr Verhofstadt, the most outspoken proponent on the EU’s financial crisis who is calling for a United States of Europe modeled on the lines of the United States might very well see his proposals come to fruition. The EU crisis has forced the EU into a corner, without many choices if it is to survive with any strength.

We know the future from end time Bible Prophecy and its political union in wake of each of it’s crisis’s is imminent.

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