World Empire: Bible Prophecy and the European Union II

World Empire: Bible Prophecy and the European Union II

This work continues the Seat of the Antichrist by revealing the shocking evolution of the EU empire in key prophetic areas while viewing its terrifying future.  Moreover, its rise to power while virtually invisible to the world due to underreporting by the media and Bible Prophecy outlets. As is usual in Erika’s research; no piece … Read more

The End Times: Cold Hard Evidence

The End Times Cold Hard Evidence

The consensus among Christians is that we are in the end times. Never-the-less many skeptics argue that this age is no different from others. Therefore, they assume we are not in the last days. This work proves that society is in fact in the end times that are leading right up to the start of … Read more

Messiah vs. False Messiah: Israel’s Covenant with Death

Messiah Vs. False Messiah: Israel's Covenant With Death

Many Bible Prophecy experts teach that each Israeli Palestinian peace initiative since the Camp David Accords is the treaty that the Bible predicts will begin the Tribulation. Recently the Abraham Accords were cited. This could not be further from the Scriptural teachings on the unholy covenant. No theologian has ever written on the horrific details … Read more