How the Antichrist’s Popularity will be like Donald Trumps

Many people are scratching their heads over the rise of Donald Trump and how he seems to be an unstoppable train and is garnering so much support.
Despite Donald Trump’s obvious narcissism, his being compared to Hitler and Mussolini, his immaturity evidenced by his lashing back viciously at anyone who criticizes him , his obvious mental issues, and his lack of any real visible plans for US policy,  he broke a record in Florida and even got votes over Florida’s native candidate Marco Rubio among his other wins.
 I have never heard more shocking words come out of a candidate’s mouth and yet the people love him.  

If this isn’t a picture of how the masses are going to follow the Antichrist I do not know what is.

When people learn of the prophecies in the bible about the Antichrist some have wondered how people will follow an individual like the Antichrist. After Donald Trump no one should be surprised at how the Antichrist will gain world favor, he will be a reflection of the times just as Donald Trump is also a byproduct of the times and a sign of the time at that and that we are in the end times predicted in Bible Prophecy. 

The Antichrist will get endorsements just like Donald Trump managed to get a few that shocked us.
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