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Join Prophecy Talk Live 9.00 PM EST Monday-Thursday

On Monday April 2, 2018, Join Prophecy Talk Live and every Monday through Thursday night at 9:00 PM EST to talk  Bible Prophecy news.

The live show will  provide a recap and commentary of the days new’s headlines as they relate to Bible Prophecy, or will focus on a particular topic or Bible Prophecy teaching.

Guests will be able to comment and ask questions as the show is being aired.

Listen as Erika Grey goes toe to toe with her guests whose views that span the gammot and some who believe teachings that Erika has written and spoken out against. Even more discover the latest Bible Prophecy news and details of the prophetic forecasts.

On YouTube’s Live programing the platform provides for Superchats, these are pledges made by viewers and it highlights their comments and pins them to the top, which monies helps support Prophecy Talk’s Channel and website and brings the comment to my attention and also in view of the audience.

If you have questions, comments and want to talk Bible Prophecy news, tune in and if you would like to support my channel or make sure that your comment is heard, make a pledge.

Each show features a Be Prepared Product for life in these end times. Each episode is taped so if you miss the time you can tune in at your convenience.

The Link to Prophecy Talk live  is found here:

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