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An online book store devoted to books on end time Bible Prophecy and it is the world’s largest Bible Prophecy bookstore.
THE PROPHECY DUDE REPORTBe sure to also follow Prophecy Dude on twitter @prophecydude1.
Prophecy Dude’swork compliments my own and Prophecy Dude delves into areas that I do not have time to cover.  We both go back and forth on twitter and inform each other. I know a bit about him personally and he is dedicated to his mission and sold out to our Lord Jesus Christ.   Prophecy Dude and I have spoken on Christian radio together.   In addition to his full time work he is involved in several Christian ministries.
The Who’s Who in Bible Prophecy  for a complete list of today’s teachers and experts.

Call of the Last Hour Call of the Last Hour is a website dedicated to the proclamation of the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ, and contending for the Christian faith in light of the Second Coming of our Lord and is the site of Adrian Isaacs, author of The Kingdom of the Antichrist.which evaluates the reshaping of Christianity in light of God’s prophetic Word, showing conclusively that the emergence of esoteric spirituality is just one more indication that the Biblical Antichrist is near. Isaacs holds a Master of Religion degree (Christian Theology) from Wycliffe College and is currently working towards his Doctor of Theology focusing his research on Millennial Eschatology.

Rapture Forums   Bible Study-Forums-Commentary, An interactive community awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Great  Bible prophecy site with a lot of information. 
This is a short, easy to read site with interesting and  insights by Bob Wunderlich a Born Again Christian Jew on Emmanuel Macron.


My favorite site for EU news and policy is Euractiv  this site is read by leading EU politicians who also go on and post guest blogs on the site as they read about the issues they feel deeply about.  One article EU politicians went on and corrected  the inaccuracies reported by the journalist regarding a meeting. There is no site comparable regarding US policy and neither do we see our politicians engaging like they do in the EU.

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A special mention to for their great Bible Images that I have used from time to time to illustrate my articles and for their contribution of the World In Pictures to ministries around the world.  

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The Register for US news with Gordon Wayne Watts and see also his book “When Babies Die Where do they Go” — Gordon has 2 mirror websites for his front-page news, addressing a variety of topics: (