Nexplanon Birth Control Implants -Self Sterilization-Morally Wrong

Nexplanon -Birth Control of Temporary Self Sterilization?
Birth Control implants also called contraceptive implants, which is a small rod inserted into a woman’s upper arm can prevent pregnancy for up to four years. First developed in the 1960’s and experimented with in the 80’s and 90’s and taken off the market it has evolved and is now offered by Nexplanon.  In this age of microchips and other implants, the birth control implant now follows the trend.
This is just too creepy on two levels.  One it is getting people accustomed to implants in the body, in the arm,  and two this isn’t birth control for up to four years this is self-sterilization; temporary of self-sterilization .
The definition of Sterilization is any of a number of medical techniques that intentionally leave a person unable to reproduce.  You can call Nexplanon a temporary sterilization.  This is just so wrong.  Of course on the picture of Nexplanon’s add is two young women, which sends another disturbing message and is just so wrong on so many levels and is another sign of the end times.

¬†In these end times we are seeing medicine go off the path of morality into areas we never imagined …

…such as designer drugs that are beyond addictive and the pharmaceutical company‚Äôs pushing these drugs and giving doctors incentives to get their patient‚Äôs addicted.¬† We have sex change operations, CRISPR, which can change DNA with horrific experiments on animals already being conducted.¬† I cannot fail to mention abortions, which are a medical procedure to kill unwanted baby‚Äôs.
Now there is Nexplanon, which is essentially temporary self-sterilization and with an implant no less, in the upper arm.  I anticipate we will see more uses of implants, which is creepy in the sense that our society, which is through the variety of implants going to be getting desensitized to having small tiny items placed in their bodies in preparation for the coming Mark of the Beast. 

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