The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom: Benedict and Globalization -6

POLITICAL POWER: THE BASIS OF THE NEW ORDER Benedict’s new “world political authority” would have power, backed by force, over the key sectors of the global economy. Throughout the long, densely written pontifical document, the same theme emerges repeatedly. He said: “Political authority also involves a wide range of values, which must not be overlooked … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom-Babylonian Europe-5

BABYLONIAN EUROPE God condemned all three aspects of Babylonian society-political, religious, and social. Besides being a hub for international trade, and religiously devoted to the Queen of Heaven, Babylonian society was immortal, steeped in superstition, divination, idolatry, and sexual promiscuity. The morals of Babylon shocked Alexander the Great, himself a drunkard. Temple prostitutes practiced sacred … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom -Roman Legacy-4

FORGING A CATHOLIC EUROPE The Bible in the book of Revelation depicts the Whore of Babylon sitting on the Beast, signifying that she plays a principal role. Religion does play a part in European politics. Its precepts provided the ideology that prompted the European Union’s formation. Religion has a voice in European politics through the … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom- Mother of Harlots -3

HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE ARCHITECTS The European Union flag is dark blue and has 12 stars in a circle. In a Dutch, Catholic periodical, Middelares en Koningin, April, 1974, we find the headline: “Under the Protection of Mary”. It says among other things: “We Catholics will always, when we see the blue color, perceive it as … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom- Revived Roman Empire -INT

INTRODUCTION The belief that there is any prophetical relevance to the rise of the European Union and its chaotic quest for political unity has come under severe fire over the last decade. From the Treaty of Rome in 1957 to the Maastricht Treaty in 1991 and the Lisbon Treaty of 2004 instead of history witnessing … Read more