Donald Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital-Unfolding Bible Prophecy

Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel‚Äôs capital and this is big Bible Prophecy news.¬† All Bible Prophecy centers around Israel and there are many prophecies that focus on Jerusalem during the Tribulation. While the Arab world has threatened a firestorm, which can result in more terrorist attacks and protests on US soil and maybe … Read more

Bible Prophecy NO GO ZONES

¬† It is surprising that in key Bible Prophecy search terms on Google, the Cult‚Äôs Bible Prophecy websites rank within the top search results. Not only do their websites show up from one of their articles but also from several meaning that they can hold several places on Google‚Äôs first pages.¬† Some of these sites … Read more

Google Butcher’s Bible Prophecy Search Results

It is a worldwide myth that Google Search provides the best search results for all topics and this includes for Bible Prophecy and Bible Prophecy news.¬†¬† One believes that and the best of what the internet has to offer in its first pages.¬†¬† It is my finding that Google Search butchers Bible Prophecy¬† and Bible … Read more

The Whore of Babylon-All Your Questions Answered

whore of babylon, revelation 17 & 18

¬†In the following articles you will find the answers to the question of who is the Whore of Babylon and will discover details never before revealed. You can either read through the articles listed¬†¬†or purchase the book these articles derive from.¬† If you would prefer the free version, keep reading and click the links that … Read more

The Origin of Babylon in the Bible-New Details Revealed

1 BabYLON- Its ORIGIN ¬† In the book of Genesis we see the origins of Babylon. We learn¬† that Babylon was founded by Nimrod who was the grandson of Ham; Noah‚Äôs wicked son. Genesis 10:6-10 provides the origin of Babylon. Genesis 10: 6-7 begins: ¬†The sons of Ham¬†were¬†Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan.¬†7¬†The sons of Cush¬†were¬†Seba, … Read more