Bible Prophecy Teachers Have No Respect

Not one of today’s Bible Prophecy teachers have any respect- none of the teachers are given  any respect by anyone in the world of academia. The reason Bible Prophecy teachers are not given any respect or looked at with any credibility is because of the nonsense that Bible Prophecy experts teach such as conspiracy theories.   They are the … Read more

US Media Butchers EU News-An Example

This article is adapted from the script from the video that is found below the article.  In that many Bible Prophecy teachers correlate Bible Prophecy to current events, and also erroneously exclusively rely on New’s headlines for their information on current world events, I thought it a good idea to expose the errors in the US News … Read more

Four Common Mistakes Made By Bible Prophecy Experts

Bible Prophecy, has come to be synonymous with the end times or last days.  Prophecy in the Bible comprises one third of the written word.  The last book of the Bible is the Revelation, and the entire book deals with Bible Prophecy by predicting the Tribulation period that leads to the end of the world. … Read more