Bible Prophecy: The Great Whore of Babylon

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¬†This is a Sample- Chapter 5 ¬† THE GREAT WHORE OF BABYLON Revelation, Chapter 17, describes the Great Whore of Babylon, who represents false religion. Babylon‚Äôs government and religion aspects bring down God‚Äôs judgment.¬†¬† While political Babylon‚Äôs judgment occurs just prior to the battle at Armageddon and results from the Antichrist‚Äôs reign, religious Babylon‚Äôs annihilation … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom -Roman Legacy-4

FORGING A CATHOLIC EUROPE The Bible in the book of Revelation depicts the Whore of Babylon sitting on the Beast, signifying that she plays a principal role. Religion does play a part in European politics. Its precepts provided the ideology that prompted the European Union’s formation. Religion has a voice in European politics through the … Read more