Special Report -Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast-The Magi Report

  Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast The Magi Report Vol.1 My Magi Report titled Decoding 666 The Number of the Beast- An Analysis of Bible Prophecy and Technology, A Status Report and Forecast is now available:  In this report the mysterious Revelation 13:18 passage is decoded and examined phrase by phrase revealing the … Read more

45- Two Towers of Babel That Reach to the Heavens-CERN and FAST

666,mark of the beast, number of the beast

There  are other towers being built that literally like Babel are being built to connect to the heavens, CERN has got some evangelical writers abuzz who are teaching that CERN is going into the abyss and letting out all kinds of demons and that there has even been changes to the Bible, which is not … Read more

55- D-Wave and Demons-The Bible – Demons Are In The Idols

             The Bible makes it clear that demons are in the idols,  consider these verses: Leviticus 17:7, “They shall no longer offer their sacrifices to the demons after which they play the harlot. This shall be a statute forever to them throughout their generations.” Deuteronomy 32:17, “They sacrificed to demons … Read more