End Time Prophecy -What is Globalization?

In end times prophecy all Bible Prophecy teachers agree that the Revelation forecasts a global, one world order ruled by the revived Roman empire that has global rule.¬† ¬†For this reason ¬†globalization has caught the attention of Bible Prophecy teachers as leading to this one world order or one world system as it is sometimes … Read more

EU Founder Jean Monnet and European Federalism

For the student of Bible Prophecy who wants to know about Europe in the Bible, or Europe in prophecy and the EU or the EU in Bible Prophecy, ¬†it is important to know the European Union’s history and to know who was Jean Monnet and what is European Federalism. The EU regards Jean Monnet as … Read more

End of The World Weather, Famine and Pestilence Links

In my book the¬†Seat of the Antichrist¬†I list several areas that Bible Prophecy watchers¬†must watch for in the end time. These includes earthquakes, natural disasters, famines and pestilence. Jesus stated in the following verses: Matt:24:7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes¬†in various places. … Read more