It’s the End Times-Drug Overdoses Quadruple!

Bible Prophecy tells us that in the last days perilous times will come. Drug overdose deaths are beyond epidemic and lend to the evidence that we are in end times. ¬† ¬†An article in Yahoo news reads,‚ÄĚ Middletown, Ohio, a city under siege, Everyone I know is on heroin.‚ÄĚ Records were broken in Main, CT, … Read more

Emmanuel Macron Wins- Another End Time Bible Prophecy Sign

¬† Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency today as I had predicted he would based on end time¬†Bible prophecy because a Marine Le Pen win would have possibly meant the end of the European Union and it would have put a wrench in the development of the EU. With all of the other signs that … Read more

The European Union & The Donald Trump Prophecy of 2017 with Erika Grey

Tune in this video “The European Union and Donald Trump Prophecy of 2017 to hear me on the Russell Scott Show. and listen as I discuss the European Union as the final world empire and Donald Trump and his role in Bible Prophecy and there is even a section on the Rapture. Since Donald Trump … Read more

Donald Trump Kills NATO Forges Path For EU EMPIRE

The day that Mike Pence went to the Munich conference and told NATO allies that they must step up their contributions and suggested that those who do not contribute are not entitled to its defense is the day that Donald Trump killed NATO and frankly good riddance.¬† ¬† Trump is right NATO is a relic, … Read more

Bible Prophecy Teachers Have No Respect

Not one of today’s Bible Prophecy teachers have any respect- none of the teachers are given ¬†any respect by anyone in the world of academia.¬†The reason Bible Prophecy teachers are not given¬†any respect or looked at with any credibility is because of the nonsense that¬†Bible Prophecy experts teach such as conspiracy¬†theories. ¬† They are the … Read more