52- The Parallel Dimension Connects with the Physical World

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Chapter 16: IV. The Parallel Dimension Connects with the Physical World As far apart and unparalleled as the spiritual and physical world seem, they connect and exist alongside one another.   This world plays out in the heavens and here on Earth and within our beings.  We have a soul within our physical body.   Upon … Read more

How to Study Bible Prophecy in 10 Steps

Many wonder how to study Bible Prophecy, I have provided 10 simple steps to help you study Bible prophecy. 1. Be familiar with all 66 books of the Bible.number 2. Have a good understanding of the basic teachings of Bible Prophecy 3. Compare Scripture with Scripture ALWAYS 4. Have access to a concordance and go … Read more

How the Antichrist’s Popularity will be like Donald Trumps

Many people are scratching their heads over the rise of Donald Trump and how he seems to be an unstoppable train and is garnering so much support. Despite Donald Trump’s obvious narcissism, his being compared to Hitler and Mussolini, his immaturity evidenced by his lashing back viciously at anyone who criticizes him , his obvious … Read more

5 Reasons Why Satan Deceives Christians on End Time Bible Prophecy Teachings

It is obvious when you look at end time Bible Prophecy teachings, that is how current affairs relates to end time Bible Prophecy that there are more than a handful of teachings that divide Evangelicals on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled.     There are several conspiracy theories, the Islam as Beast of Revelation Theory … Read more

Disturbing End Time Sign-Alarming Number of Obese People

The Economist published a finding from a Who Article that said that Obesity more than doubled since 1980, which caught my attention. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s OECD’s Obesity Update Over half of all adults are overweight. Overweight and obese people are a majority today in the OECD area. The obesity … Read more