2015 End Time Bible Prophecy Year in Review

¬† ¬† 2015 began with the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack and news of the Islamic State atrocities continued with the shocking video of the burning of the Jordanian pilot, which brought swift retaliation from Jordan. The terrorist attack in Paris lockdown in Belgium, and shooting at the San Bernardino social services center marked 2015 as … Read more

Publicly Naming the Antichrist

Through my years following Bible Prophecy I have come across those who feel it necessary to name the Antichrist and share their thoughts publicly.¬†¬† Everyone specified has not in fact been the Antichrist and some of the nominees were quite¬†far fetched¬†on two levels.¬† First and foremost the person cited did¬†not turn out to be the … Read more

Same Sex Marriage Seals Doom On World

The United States Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is now legal and constitutional.¬† What next that will be ruled legal as constituting a marriage?¬†¬† Taking together all of the signs predicted in Bible Prophecy none is so specific as Luke 17:26-30 when Jesus compared the end times to the days of Lot, which … Read more

Bible Prophecy- Natural Disasters Causing Pestilence & Plagues

Those of us who watch for the signs in Bible Prophecy have noted the increase in severe weather evidencing that we are in the end times. What we didn’t anticipate is that along with the extreme weather, would come other plagues that would result from the natural disasters and change in climate. I am referring … Read more

In Bible Prophecy Will Nuclear Bomb Strike United States?

Bible Prophecy does not specifically answer the question if a nuclear bomb will strike the United States, because that kind of detail is not offered in the Scriptures.¬† Bible Prophecy does provide prophecies of the end time leading up to the battle of Armageddon and the end of the world.From these forecasts we can speculate … Read more