EU Empire Rising EU Nuclear Program Proposed

In showing that the EU is forming into the World Power, predicted in end time Bible Prophecy, -and I say the EU because it is the revived Roman Empire- the EU will be the leading Empire.  I have relayed quite a bit of information on the forming European Union army because this proves my point … Read more

EU ARMY This is the Time To Get Things Done- Mogherini

An EU Army is a key development in Bible Prophecy because the European Union is the final world empire and every empire has an army.  During the Tribulation we see this army surround Jerusalem and conquer nations and those predictions are very clear.   The development of an EU army provides another piece that shows us … Read more

Donald Trump’s Speech Scorches NATO- Unfolds Bible Prophecy

  Donald Trump’s NATO Speech delivered a strong message of the financial burden that is on America and that has not been shared by the other member nations.  The US is footing the bill. Donald Trump also stressed that NATO must take on a new role to combat terrorism and immigration, which are the new … Read more

Bible Prophecy Update-Antichrist’s Army Forming Now

In a previous video I discussed how the EU Army has been evolving since the inception of the EU. It’s no secret that the European Union has wanted its own army and if you tune into my previous video you can learn more of the details of this evolution. Here in this video this is … Read more

Donald Trump Kills NATO Forges Path For EU EMPIRE

The day that Mike Pence went to the Munich conference and told NATO allies that they must step up their contributions and suggested that those who do not contribute are not entitled to its defense is the day that Donald Trump killed NATO and frankly good riddance.    Trump is right NATO is a relic, … Read more