EU ARMY This is the Time To Get Things Done- Mogherini

An EU Army is a key development in Bible Prophecy because the European Union is the final world empire and every empire has an army.  During the Tribulation we see this army surround Jerusalem and conquer nations and those predictions are very clear.   The development of an EU army provides another piece that shows us … Read more

Bible Prophecy Unfolding- EU EMPIRE of the Revelation

EU Empire, revived roman empire

I keep writing about and talking about the European Union as the final world empire that is spoken of and forecast by Daniel the prophet and John in the book of Revelation And I have written about the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This is where EU officials are going to be meeting … Read more

Bible Puzzle -Bible Prophecy- All Pieces Must Fit

I’m going to use as an illustration. This is your best-selling puzzle on amazon. It is a thousand-piece puzzle. Some puzzles go up to 3,000 pieces.  I would liken in Bible prophecy to a 3000 piece puzzle. Bible Prophecy is like a puzzle.  Only it’s not like a puzzle that you would expect. It’s not … Read more

5 Reasons Why Satan Deceives Christians on End Time Bible Prophecy Teachings

It is obvious when you look at end time Bible Prophecy teachings, that is how current affairs relates to end time Bible Prophecy that there are more than a handful of teachings that divide Evangelicals on how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled.     There are several conspiracy theories, the Islam as Beast of Revelation Theory … Read more

Barroso Declares EU Will Be Greatest Emerging Power in the World

EU President Sees EU as Preeminent World Power After Crisis The markets and opinions have highly reacted to the European financial crisis and some have spelled the doom of the Euro and of the EU itself. High-level EU politicians are not seeing it that way. On the contrary, they view the crisis as an opportunity … Read more