Alarming EU Conspiracy Theory – The Truth

In this interview Andrew Duff reveals the truth of the alarming EU conspiracy theory that alleges that the European Union is run by a secretive group of EU politicians who are trying to form a European Union superstate. Mr. Duff who is a key figure in the European Movement and a leading federalist is asked … Read more

Europe-The Future To Come-Federal Union Explained

During this interview with Andrew Duff we get a look into the European Union’s future through the changes to the EU treaty that Andrew Duff himself drafted in the Fundamental Law. The question asked to Mr. Duff deals with the status of the nation State. Andrew Duff states that the next treaty, the one he … Read more

10 Kings of Revelation and Daniel Forming Now! -EU Draft Report

Today I am going to report on a draft report on possible evolution of and adjustments to the current institutional set-up of the European Union.   The Committee on Constitutional Affairs first published this draft in July of 2016 and issued further amendments in November, this came as a response to the financial crisis, the … Read more

Trump and Putin-The US and Russia in Bible Prophecy

    In the area of Bible Prophecy I favored a Trump presidency because his election provides a clear path to the fulfillment of what we know will occur in end time Bible Prophecy and more specifically will help propel events forward, such as adding impetus to the EU completing the formation of its own … Read more

The US is Going Down After The Election of Trump or Clinton

The US is going down after the next election of Trump or Clinton. Be it Trump or Clinton the US is going down under next presidency,  that’s right, the US decline will be in full swing. We have been witnessing the United States decline gradually but it is going to go down on a steep … Read more