The Identity of the 7th and 8th head of the Beast of Revelation Explained

In my article The Names of Blasphemy on the Beast of RevelationRevealed, I detail the identity of the first six heads and the Names of Blasphemy, this provides us a gauge of what to look for in identifying the 7thand 8th head. Some writers have come up with all kinds of far -fetched identifications of … Read more

Is the Antichrist Judas Iscariot?

Some end time watchers believe Judas Iscariot and the Antichrist is the same person. They believe Judas will return as the Antichrist because of the Son of Perdition reference in the Bible. Perdition is a Greek word and it is used eight times in the New Testament.Ā Perdition is a word that is similar to hell … Read more