The Three Kings- The Secret of the Magi’s Gifts Revealed

the magi, wise men, 3 wise men, wise mens gift, gold frankincense and myrrh

Why did the three kings bring frankincense, myrrh and gold to the young Jesus? This question has been asked through the ages. Theologians and Bible Scholars have answered that all three represent the Lord Jesus Himself, from his power, deity, and priesthood to his death.  These explanations just skim the surface of the reason the Magi … Read more

Four Common Mistakes Made By Bible Prophecy Experts

Bible Prophecy, has come to be synonymous with the end times or last days.  Prophecy in the Bible comprises one third of the written word.  The last book of the Bible is the Revelation, and the entire book deals with Bible Prophecy by predicting the Tribulation period that leads to the end of the world. … Read more

Islam,ISIS, Caliphate Is Not The Beast of Revelation

I happened to see a tweet by a leading prophecy expert Jack Van Impe, and he stated, “The New World Order Is Holy Jihad World War is coming. The New World Order won’t stop until we are under Muslim control. Find faith in the true GOD. HE is coming.” This is another case of a … Read more