The European Union & The Donald Trump Prophecy of 2017 with Erika Grey

Tune in this video “The European Union and Donald Trump Prophecy of 2017 to hear me on the Russell Scott Show. and listen as I discuss the European Union as the final world empire and Donald Trump and his role in Bible Prophecy and there is even a section on the Rapture. Since Donald Trump … Read more

Donald Trump’s Pro Isreal Will it Save America?

Donald Trump wants to make moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a big priority. This makes a big statement on his part, which has got Evangelicals thrilled because of our position on Israel and Jerusalem. Ā Donald Trump is pro-Israel and is going to be more pro-Israel than previous presidents. Many … Read more

Evangelism and the Rapture in the Revelation

God’s Message of Hope Before and During the Tribulation God provides man the opportunity to seek Him during the Tribulation. “Two witnesses” prophesy for almost three and a half years. Men try to hurt them, and they smite the earth with plagues that cause rain to stop, and water to turn into blood. The beast … Read more

The Rapture: Jesus Comes As A Thief

The Bible mentions seven references to Jesus returning as a thief and seven is Godā€™s number of perfection. The Revelation mentions two of these.Ā  One of the verses in Revelation gives the same blessing we see in Luke saying, ā€œBlessed is he who watches.ā€ or for those who the Lord Jesus when He comes finds … Read more