Revelation Chapter 17: The Whore of Babylon

The Identity of the Mother of Harlots Revelation, Chapter 17, describes the Great Whore of Babylon, who represents false religion. Babylon’s political and religious aspects bring down God’s judgment. While political Babylon’s judgment occurs just prior to the battle at Armageddon and results from the Antichrist’s reign, religious Babylon’s annihilation comes through the Antichrist and … Read more

The EU and Bible Prophecy- Daniel’s Fourth Kingdom- Mother of Harlots -3

HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE ARCHITECTS The European Union flag is dark blue and has 12 stars in a circle. In a Dutch, Catholic periodical, Middelares en Koningin, April, 1974, we find the headline: “Under the Protection of Mary”. It says among other things: “We Catholics will always, when we see the blue color, perceive it as … Read more