The Antichrist:Who is 666?

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This is a sample chapter from my book The Antichrist of Revelation:666 Chapter 1 The Antichrist Nearly all evangelical Christians have learned of the Antichrist.¬† He horrifies, mystifies and fills us with dread. He is the world dictator who the Bible forecasts arrives into his position during the Earth‚Äôs final years. Every generation of Christians … Read more

The Empire:Mother of Harlots -3

The Mother of Harlots Revelation, Chapter 17, describes , who represents false religion. Babylon‚Äôs political and religious aspects bring down God‚Äôs judgment. While political Babylon‚Äôs judgment occurs just prior to the battle at Armageddon and results from the Antichrist‚Äôs reign, religious Babylon‚Äôs annihilation comes through the Antichrist and his federation of kings. The Antichrist abolishes … Read more