The US is Going Down After The Election of Trump or Clinton

The US is going down after the next election of Trump or Clinton. Be it Trump or Clinton the US is going down under next presidency,  that’s right, the US decline will be in full swing. We have been witnessing the United States decline gradually but it is going to go down on a steep … Read more

Putin IS NOT the world’s most dangerous man and NOT the US’s biggest threat

Garry Kaspaov: Putin IS NOT the most dangerous man in the world and  NOT the biggest threat to the US I just read Yahoo New’s article by Biana Golodryga that according to Garry Kaspaov the world’s best chess player is on a new mission to convince the world that Putin is the most dangerous man in … Read more

James Rickards on Dollar Collapse & Euro as Future Reserve

The United States is not a leading player in end time prophecy and for this reason Bible Prophecy experts have speculated that the US will decline and as part of that decline the US dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency. Here at Prophecy Talk with my focus on the European Union as … Read more

The Empire: United States in Prophecy- 9

THE US-EU PARTNERSHIP Of the “latter day” nations mentioned in the Scriptures, America receives no direct citation, except possibly in two passages. For those who live during America’s present era of prosperity and strength, this fact is puzzling. Some experts solve this puzzle by teaching that America is Babylon, and Jeremiah foretells its destruction. Babylon … Read more

Why US Citizens Better Pay Attention to the EU

There are many people in the US who believe that entire world rises and falls around the United States. America is the most powerful nation in the world.  America provides the policemen for the world. Our soldiers stand in bases situated in countries around the world. The US dollar is the world’s reserve and it … Read more