The Twist with Erika Grey and Don Pravda

Don Pravda and Erika Grey offer a distinctive spin on world events that is uniquely aligned with both Christian and Jewish thought.

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Looking for a fresh perspective on the crisis in Ukraine? Don and Erika are talking about it! Wondering how the EU just stepped up as a world power? Erika and Don provide insights fueled by unfolding world events.

Provocative. Insightful. Relevant.

Geopolitical insiders

Together, Don and Erika provide an unrivaled and rare perspective which keeps Israel front and center

Erika Grey is an acclaimed international journalist and geopolitical analyst who grew up around members of the world’s business, financial and cultural elite. Along the way, this Evangelical Christian met and interviewed many of the European Union’s leading globalists and federalists, including a former Prime Minister, Members of the European Parliament, the former Secretary General of the Globalist organization PanEuropa, and many more. 

Don Pravda was born in New York, to a Jewish couple whose roots were in Russia and Romania. He identifies as a Levite. As a high school senior, he received a national journalism award from Washington and Lee University from the legendary Roger Mudd of CBS News. He parlayed his background into working for U.S. Congressmen William Lehman and Jerry Litton, U.S. Senators Lawton Chiles and Edward Kennedy, and former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Insightful Viewpoints —  Erika and Don Combine Insider Knowledge with a Cutting Edge Perspective 

As the only female evangelical Bible Prophecy Expert and Analyst on the national stage, Erika brings a fresh and informed perspective to her work. This Evangelical Christian is an important voice in Eschatology who is listed in Sound Christian’s Who’s Who of Bible Prophecy.

Don has held the post of President or Vice President of four major Jewish organizations, including AIPAC America’s Pro-Israel Lobby, The Simon Wiesenthal Center, The Friends of Israel Defense Forces headquartered in NYC, and the American Red Magen David for Israel, the support arm for the MDA, which is Israel’s equivalent to the Red Cross.

Moreover, Twist takes the lead in providing commentary from an international perspective with a view to as EU Power politician Guy Verhoftadt coined it a new world order of competing empires. With Erika Grey’s keen knowledge of EU affairs she highlights the underreported talk in Brussels of evolving EU policy that will make a dent on the world landscape, while Don Pravda who hails from the New York City Jewish Community and its key organizations, which provide a lifeline to Israel, serves to keep Israel front and center in the show’s discussions and the interests of Israel in this evolving multipolar order.

Together, they provide a unique Twist on world events and are on the leading edge from all other news talk shows.

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