The EU: The Building of Its Empire


The EU is an empire.  If you go to my website you will find the video where present EU Commissioner Barosso classifies the EU as an Empire. Former Belgium Prime Minister and president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the EU Parliament Guy Verhofstadt stated that we are in the age of empires.   The current financial crisis will end up bringing about an EU that mirrors the United States, only instead of bringing to together 50 states it will bring together 28+ nations.

Here is an excerpt from my book The Seat of the Antichrist:  Bible Prophecy and the European Union concerning the EU building its empire which it is still in the process of building.

Concerning the EU’s rise to Empire status you will read some quotes over the past couple of decades of the predictions from world leaders concerning the EU.

Former Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington speculated in the 1990’s that “the EC if it were to become politically cohesive, would have the population, resources, economic wealth, technology and actual potential military strength to be the preeminent power of the 21st century.” Cornelius van der Klugt, while he chaired Philips, affirmed: “If we organize ourselves, Europe will grow faster than the US and Japan combined.” The EU is in the process of building its empire.  According to Scripture, the EU will become the most powerful empire the world has ever known. EU bureaucrats purpose to transform the EU into a political world power.  Former French President François Mitterrand stated: “From now until the turn of the millennium, we have ten years to win the race for Europeans.  No institution should escape this critical examination, not the European Community, NATO, the Council of Europe or the CSCE.  All should play their part.”  Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl declared: “I am convinced this is going to be the decade of the Europeans.”[i]

One motive for European unity is to reclaim the limelight that virtually all of its member countries enjoyed during earlier periods of history.   At the start of the Cold War, the US and Soviet Union became the leading world powers.  Europe suffered the greatest share of the war’s destruction.   America aided in the rebuilding of Europe and provided for its defense through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.   Although Europe and America stood alongside each other as strong allies, Europeans harbored ill feelings concerning certain American policies.  Some

Europeans desired a significant place on the world stage.

At the end of World War II, the European dream was reborn, and during the Cold War it crept along.  Charles de Gaulle stated in his Memoirs that “Europe by confederation of its nations, can and must be for the well-being of its people, become the greatest political, economic and military and cultural power that ever existed.”[ii] From the mid- to late 1980s, a spark rekindled, and the fall of the Berlin Wall added fuel to the fire.  The end of the Cold War and the beginning of the New World Order marked a new era for Europe.

Based on what is happening in the news, it looks like the financial crisis might give the EU the final push it needs into the next state of its existence which the Bible already forecasts.

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