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The Future of Europe’s Institutions After BREXIT

This interview is power packed with information regarding the UK and EU after Brexit , elaboration on a Multi Speed Europe and EU associate membership. Simple diagrams help to illustrate, Multi Speed Europe, and what the EU will look like as Member States that choose go forward in “Enhanced Cooperation” to help form a United States of Europe.

The tiers, circles and chambers are illustrated, which have long been discussed in EU policy. Tune in to learn the future for the EU and UK after Brexit and it is not what you think. Below you will find the transcript to the interview. For more on the European Union and for a continued look into the Fundamental Law which was written to revise the Lisbon Treaty stay tuned in this playlist.
Erika Grey
It is very unclear in the treaty, in the Fundamental Law
Andrew Duff
I think it has to be tried a lot more than it has been tried up to now.
Erika Grey
But will there be two chambers when those nations go forward?
Andrew Duff
Yes. Essentially
Erika Grey
Will there be one chamber in the council and then you mentioned the associate members as well so does it become a three tier or does it become three circles where you have the inner core. Then you have your union, and then you have the associate members.
Yes, I mean I see that the reinforced cooperation clauses of the Lisbon treaties as all being about Multi Speed Europe, so that all Member States agree on the direction, but they can’t all get there and are not prepared to get there at the same time. The associate affiliation of a second class Member State, which is what we’re taking about with respect to the UK, if it wishes to go there is of a qualitatively not the same thing. It’s a parking place. And it could either be a short-term parking place or a long term parking place depending on the political will and circumstances that prevail at any one time.
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