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The US is Going Down After The Election of Trump or Clinton

The US is going down after the next election of Trump or Clinton. Be it Trump or Clinton the US is going down under next presidency,  that’s right, the US decline will be in full swing.

We have been witnessing the United States decline gradually but it is going to go down on a steep decline if either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected.  I have made several predictions relating to Bible Prophecy and this is one of them.  The next president of the United States will finish what the previous presidents started and will help the United States along on its fall and will also man or woman the helm as the great nation sinks down the toilet bowl of history. 
That’s right not only will the United States cease being the world’s leading power, but we will be replaced and based on Bible Prophecy and geopolitics it will be the European Union that will replace the United States as the leading power.  Go ahead and laugh, go ahead and say how this is not going to happen, because it is going to happen and one day I will come on and tell you that I told you so.
Let me also point out that in 2020 will be the next US election, which also will coincide with the nomination of the EU’s key presidency, coincidence I don’t think so and at that time as on the EU’s agenda will be buffering the fallout of the collapse of the US and there will be a global role reversal and its all coming after this next election, and what waits to be seen is who will be the president who will bring the US down.  I was hoping that we would have a president that would ease the United States fall.

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