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Tsunamis, Sinkholes, Polar Vortex & Now Haboobs

This decade has been the era of extreme weather and we have come to learn new vocabulary words as a result. First Tsunami, then Sinkholes, last winter’s Polar Vortex and now Haboobs.

If you do not know what a Haboob is ABC news does a superb job at reporting on the Haboob That Covered Palm Springs California  along with providing footage of other extreme weather that is simultaneously striking the United States. The ABC News Extreme Weather Report  noted over 80 storms and showed the extreme never seen before floods including the Haboobs. A Haboob is an intense dust storm that strikes like a tornado and looks like one only instead of high winds, the cloud is filled with dust.   The footage captured by ABC is absolutely frightening.

“Extreme Weather” is the new norm and we see the same storms taking place in society with all kinds of conflicts and commotions occurring around the globe. The weather patterns are happening just as Jesus described. The gospels predicted we would see the intensity and frequency like the labor pains of a woman in labor.  The weather is now consistently extreme and is getting more extreme. Terms such as Tsunami and Sinkhole have become so regular they are part of everyday vocabulary.  A Polar Vortex for the fall has already been speculated by one forecaster.   Next we will see if Haboob’s will become commonplace like other extreme natural disasters.

I wonder if anyone is paying attention and do the masses see these disasters as the signs that Jesus predicted will lead to the end of the world? Do they see these as God’s warnings?

If not that is what I am here to point out.  These are the very signs Jesus predicted would lead to the world’s end and are the fulfillment of Jesus’s words.  How many more extreme weather terms will enter our vocabulary in the process, time will unfold.

Again this is all going to happen in these end times and we will be experiencing more extreme weather in the coming days.

We can also expect to see more destruction, records broken and eventually more loss of life from these natural disasters as we get closer to the start of the Tribulation that is predicted in end time Bible Prophecy.

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